Clayton Scott

Clayton Scott, born June 25th, 1990, is an actor, choreographer, and jazz and musical theatre dancer. Clayton is passionate about comedy and dance within the arts.

Clayton began his training with British Columbia’s Images Dance Centre, Chilliwack School of Performing Arts, and Harbour Dance Centre in 2005. Deciding to take his craft to the next level, Clayton graduated from Ryerson University’s Theatre Program in 2011 where he majored in theatre performance and was the valedictorian of his graduating class. In his final year of studies, he directed and produced his own comedic production Censored and additionally had six of his choreographed routines in Ryerson’s various productions. During his time at Ryerson he trained under the National Ballet’s principal dancer Naida Potts, Vicky St. Denys, Kate Hilliard, and Derek Sangster. 

Shortly after graduation, Clayton danced in Elton John’s 25th Fashion Cares event, for Carly Rae Jepsen at MuchMusic, and in Vlad’s BTA Across the Sawdust Trail. Scott danced for Alan Thicke at the 2013 Global Media Launch, tap danced on CBC’s Recipe to Riches, and was a featured dancer on Orphan Black, Shadowhunters, Reign, Country Crush, and played the recurring “Ancient” on Guillermo Del Toro’s FX hit The Strain on seasons one, two, and three.

While training with Ryerson University, Clayton was recruited into modeling and later worked for international agencies. Clayton has shot for Karmaloop Online, Seed9, Glassbook, The Drake clothing line “Shared”, Dashing Custom Suit Company, and with Rick Day in New York. Scott walked for many designers and shows including New York’s Antonio Azzuolo, GotStyle, Toronto Fashion Week, and PG’s Gillette to name a few. 

Clayton made his television debut in June of 2011 on Wipeout Canada. He competed on episode 11 and achieved on unbreakable record, completing an obstacle course in six seconds. With the desire to produce comedic work, he also directs the entertainment company Lickety Split and occasionally hosts charitable shows across the GTA.

Clayton looks forward to pursuing acting and dance opportunities while choreographing and adjudicating across North America.